Resource based note taking app

Knowledge eating cat, Catty

Collect useful contents among numerous Internet resouces and expand your knowledge by organizing them in your own note

College students working on group project
Marketers doing trend research
Graduate students doing literature review
Creaters planning contents
teachers composing class content based on reference books
Developers learning and organizing technology trends

Efficient resource collection

Store useful contents on the Internet quickly and easily search for it

My own knowledge note made while studying

Write note while checking the collected resources

Collect knowledge

Efficiently collect contents and organize with folders and tags for your note on the web and mobile

Leave tags on the resource and search it easily

Easily find resource with bookmark/pdf/youtube highlights, image contents, and tags

Write my own note with my resources!

Fill out notes/documents while put the collected content on the side and check it out

Check it out at a glance

With tag network, understand the relationship between tags and notes and move directly to the resource you want


Share knowledge with your team

Catty butlers who are increasing productivity earlier!

It's very helpful in writing business reports.

by Vice CEO K

It's very convenient! The biggest advantage is that you can immediately check the screenshots, photos, and bookmarks you collected while making business reports or investor relations.

It's useful for searching and referring to thesis references.

by S, a Ph.D candidate graduate student

While writing my thesis, I often forget about the materials I found on my phone, but with this app, it’s easy to organize and utilize them! Since all data gets synced via my own Google Drive, I don’t need to worry about data security as well. I recommend it to people who spend a lot of time searching for materials on their phones like me. 🎉

I can easily revisit the skills I learned before.

by 2nd year backend developer, D

When I encounter problems during work, I look them up on Youtube or blog posts for solutions. But when a similar problem occurrs, I can’t remember where I visited, I have to search for the same content again and look for it😓 However, after using Catty to save resources, I can easily go back to look for it.

Catty features at a glance

Collecting and organizing resources

  • Provides efficient method for collecting resources (bookmarks, mobile/web screenshots, youtube captures, files) on the web and mobile
  • Simpler access with shortcuts at mobile
  • Folders and hashtags to quickly find and organize resources however you like
  • Image OCR - convert images to text seamlessly with OCR
  • Bookmark highlight - Text and video highlights in a webpage
  • Effortless, secure, and private multi-device sync via google drive
  • Share collected resources with your team

Writing notes

  • Link collected resources as references to note
  • Supports various note formats such as Word, PPT, Excel, WYSIWYG, Markdown, etc
  • Powerful dual view that allows you tocreate notes while looking at references at the same time
  • Multiple export options including HTML, MD
  • Share notes with your team

Download Catty app

Android app

Chrome extension

*for iOS user, you can use catty on mobile as mobile web